Tudor Ship Nails

The nails above come from the time of Henry VIII and were used in the building of British ships.  The ships explored the globe and did amazing things, but I really like the nails themselves.  I’m sure thousands had to be used for each ship and yet each nail was handmade, so no two were exactly alike.  They are small and definitely not perfect, but no ship could sail without them.

This has been a tough week for me.  It seems that every time I turn around there is some new stress added to the stack.  My wife and I talk about how nice it would be to pause time and just take a break from everything for a little while.  But, of course, that’s impossible and the ship just keeps sailing on – usually into stormier weather and rougher seas.

But I take heart from those rusty old nails.  Just like them I don’t have to do everything, all I have to do (and sometimes all I can do) is just hold on.

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