Now that school has begun it seems that there is a little extra tension in our home.  The new school year brings with it a lot of excitement, but it also brings early mornings, new schedules and an added measure of frustration.  Unfortunately, this means that our kids tend to bicker over silly things.

It makes me want to pull out this coin.  It’s a ten cent piece from Peru.  The date is 1880 and Peru was in the middle of the War of the Pacific.  The war was fought between Chile and Peru (who was allied with Bolivia).  It lasted four years and was fought on land and sea and ended in the occupation of Lima and guerilla warfare.

After years of fighting, Chile prevailed.  Peru and Bolivia lost several provinces, including the entire coast of Bolivia.  Over 13,000 people were killed and another 16,000 injured.  The war has shaped relations in the region for the past century.

What was the war fought over?  Bat droppings… large deposits of guano.

Life is too short to argue over the small things, whether they be guano or who’s turn it is to take the dog out.

It’s one of those lessons I’m trying to teach my kids, although I should probably learn the lesson myself first.

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