Hidden maps

During World War II the US and British intelligence agencies worked with the US Playing Card Company to create a deck of cards with a secret map hidden between the layers of the cards.  When soaked in water, the glue would dissolve and the layers would come apart.  The map could be reconstructed and Allied prisoners of war were able to use it to escape from German POW camps.  Very few of the actual decks are still in existence, but USPCC recently came out with a commemorative deck featuring the map on the face of the cards.  It’s an interesting bit of history and I think it provides a great lesson.

Each of us is currently in enemy territory.  We struggle through life and strive to return home to safety while battling enemy forces.  Without a map it’s nearly impossible to avoid the traps and snares laid for us.  The map, of course, is the scriptures.  They clearly outline the one and only safe path back to our Father in Heaven.  They teach us the steps we need to take and also what dangers to avoid.

But just like the escape map hidden within the deck of cards, if we don’t open up the scriptures they cannot help us.  Whenever I start to get a little lax in my scripture study I try to remember the countless men and women who gave their lives in order to get those words to me.  The only way to honor their sacrifice and to bring myself and my family home safely is to ponder the words of the scriptures and then to follow them.

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