Coin of the Magi

I always feel a bit of a letdown after Christmas.  I guess it’s because Christmas is the one time that most people slow down and think a little more about Christ.  December 26th rolls around and suddenly it’s back to business as usual.

The other day I pulled out a small bronze coin called a drachma.  It’s from the reign of Azes II, king of Bactria around the time of the birth of Christ.  Some scholars believe that one of the wise men was sent by Azes II.  At the least, the wise men would probably have passed through Bactria and most likely carried a few of these drachma with them as they sought out the Christ child.

It makes me think: What do I carry with me as I seek after Him?

Being a little OCD, I decided to make a quick list.  Just as the wise men surely didn’t focus on material goods, I decided to do the same.

-Faith and hope – this is what started me on the path and it’s what keeps me going when things get rough

-Family – I’ve been so blessed to have an amazing family.  Not only to teach me about the Savior, but to accompany me on the journey.

-Friends – during this life, I’ve crossed paths with so many wonderful people on their own journeys.  Some have been brief encounters and some have been lifelong, but I’m grateful for each one.

-Scriptures – I haven’t always been the best at studying the scriptures, but I’ve found so many answers as well as comfort when the path gets rocky

-Prayer – on this journey I have fallen down time and time again.  I’m so thankful for a direct line of communication to a loving Heavenly Father.

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