Robot Inchworms

I was playing with a funny little gadget the other day – a robotic inchworm.  It’s small and doesn’t move very fast.  When you push the button it stretches out and when you release the button it contracts.  Pretty simple and kind of fun, as long as you aren’t in a hurry.  The only way to make it advance is to repeatedly press and release the button.  If you hold the button too long it won’t move any further and the motor will burn out.

It seems a bit like my life.  I make progress, but oh so very slowly.  I’m constantly alternating between being anxiously engaged in a good cause and trying not to run faster than I have strength.  I know that if I don’t push myself I’ll never accomplish anything, but if I push too hard for too long I’ll burn out just like a robot inchworm.  It’s a tricky balance to maintain and I wish I were better at it.

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