Feeling a little pressed for time…

Growing up my dad and my brother were always into coin collecting.  I used to love going to the coin shops and digging through the box on the counter trying to find the coolest or strangest coin.  It was fun to look at the coins and especially fun to hang out with my dad.  I’ve gotten into coin collecting a little more as I’ve gotten older.  I don’t collect really valuable stuff, I mostly just like to collect coins that are interesting to me.

I have a couple of coins from Tanzania.  I like them because of the interesting shape as well as the ostrich on the back.  One of the coins has been stamped improperly.  The blank that was used wasn’t quite centered so the resulting coin is a little bent and misshapen.

I feel like that coin sometimes.  There is always so much going on in life and the pressures can get so intense that I feel like I’ve been run through a coin press.  And as much as I wish I came out all nice and sparkly, more often than not I just feel mangled.  It’s nice to know that (unlike the unfortunate coin) this isn’t a permanent state.  A little time at the temple or a quick date night with my wife and I feel the troubles melt away just a bit.

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