Turkeys and General Conference

Before moving to New England, I had never seen a live turkey.  Sure, I saw dead turkeys each and every Thanksgiving as I stuffed myself silly.  And every now and then I’d enjoy a turkey sandwich, but I never really thought about where it came from.

After moving to New England I’ve come to realize that turkeys are pretty amazing.  We have a group of wild turkeys that comes through our yard every few days.  It’s fun to watch them grow and especially cool to see them fly up in the air in order to roost in our trees.

This weekend is LDS General Conference and it’s made me once again realize how amazing it is to have living prophets.  The world is and always has been content to follow dead prophets.  It’s comfortable and relatively easy because they aren’t around to call you out when you sin.  It’s easy to convince yourself that you are leading a righteous life because you can twist and turn the written words of the prophets to match whatever doctrine you’d like.  You can see this in action just by looking at the huge number of churches that follow their own interpretation of the Bible and end up with such vastly different doctrines.

Luckily God doesn’t leave us without prophets.  He has promised us that He won’t do anything without making it known to His prophets.  Since He is still alive and working today, He is still speaking through the prophets.  And I am truly grateful that He does.

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