Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by pumice.  I mean it’s a rock, but it floats.  It boggled my young mind.  I’ve heard stories of massive pieces of pumice floating down the rivers in Washington during the spring thaw.  I’ve never seen it myself, but I admit to floating chunks of pumice in my bathtub because it’s just so cool.

On a completely different (and yet possibly related) topic, my family and I are just getting over the stomach flu.  There’s nothing like waking from a blissful slumber to the sound of your daughter puking up her guts all over the bathroom floor.  The other night as I was cleaning it up and holding my breath for as long as humanly possible, Natalia looked over at me with her tired and sick little face and said “Thanks for taking care of me, Dad.”

At that point I realized that even though I’m not masochistic enough to be grateful for vomit, I was grateful that I could be there for her.  It made me think of Paul and how he gloried in his afflictions for Christ’s sake.  That night I saw that in the long run it’s not a big deal that I had to clean up after Natalia (or Jade a few days later… or Mikayla a few days after that), but it was a big deal that I was counted worthy to be given the opportunity to care for some really amazing kids.

So how in the world does the stomach bug relate to pumice?  Well, we often think of trials as rocks that weigh us down, but just like pumice sometimes those rocks aren’t as heavy as they might appear to be.  Sometimes with the right perspective we realize those trials are a little easier to manage.  Besides, just like pumice, trials are naturally exfoliating…

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