Tiny Tabasco

Years ago I went on a camping trip with my grandpa and my older brother.  We were up in the mountains and were hiking to a small lake to do some fishing.   I always loved going fishing, but I’ve never actually had much patience.  If the fish weren’t biting I’d end up wandering into the forest or trying bizarre baits such as fruit snacks.  On this particular day of fishing I was meandering around when I found a tiny bottle of Tabasco sauce.  It must have fallen out of someone’s backpack and they probably didn’t miss it much, but I thought this was the most amazing discovery on earth.  I spent the whole day looking at it, making up stories about how it got there, and trying to decide if it was safe to eat.

Fast forward about 25 years to a few days ago.  I was tucking my daughter Natalia into bed and saying a prayer with her.  A new school year had just started and she was feeling a bit stressed.  As she was praying she expressed her gratitude that her older sister still waved to her in the hallways at school, even though she was such a cool and grown-up fifth grader.  It was such a little thing, but she said it made her feel so  special.

The vast majority of amazing things in this life are small and simple.  The experiences I treasure the most don’t happen with much fanfare, they just happen.  It’s a combination of good people doing tiny acts of kindness.  So to all of you out there who have affected my life in small but meaningful ways – thank you.  Just like that little bottle of Tabasco, you’ve brought joy, wonder and spice to my life.

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