Four-Leaf Clovers

We’ve had a bit of a drought here in New England.  There has been a lot of worry among farmers as well as the fear that wells will go dry.  One (and probably the only one) benefit has been that I haven’t had to mow the lawn much this summer.

I hate mowing the lawn.  It’s hot, dirty, frustrating work – especially given our yard’s ability to grow rocks at a tremendous rate.  The other day I decided that it was finally time to mow the lawn again.  It was a poor choice of a day (95 degree Fahrenheit heat) and I had postponed it too long, so the mower kept getting gummed up with all the long grass.

About halfway through the torture my daughter came out with a glass of water for me.  I gratefully sat myself down on one of the many rocks in our yard and guzzled the water.  As I was catching my breath I looked down and saw what appeared to be a four-leaf clover.  I picked it and handed it to my daughter – who was very excited and took some photos (as you can see above).

I don’t believe it has brought us a rash of good luck (especially since I don’t think it’s a clover, but actually an Oxalis), but it was definitely an exciting moment for my daughter.  It made me think that sometimes we miss out on joyful moments because we are simply too busy.  Perhaps we should slow down a bit and show a little more gratitude for the amazing blessings our Father in Heaven sends us each day.  Yesterday I came across a great video encouraging us to do just that.

On a random side note, I remember being about my daughter’s age and coming across a five-leaf clover.  I excitedly picked it up and shouted to my dad, “If a four-leaf clover gives you good luck, what does a five-leaf clover give you?”  Jokingly he replied, “Cancer.”  I guess it’s a good thing I dropped that clover  🙂

One comment on “Four-Leaf Clovers

  1. It looks like Oxalis stricta, yellow woodsorrel, or lemon clover. 4 leaf clovers are found under normal conditions 1 in 10,000. 5 leaf and 6 leaf clovers are more rare. The odds of mutations are much higher closer to nuclear facilities, but finding one 4 leaf clover wouldn’t prompt concern for me.
    Simple joyful moments are the best things in life. It is so much more clearer and gratifying when I see the perspective from my 6-year old child who isn’t clouded or cluttered from understanding society’s complexities.

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